Our World through the Lens of an Outdoor Photographer


Outdoor photographers have a keen sense to view nature from a perspective that others often overlook, giving them the ability to capture incredible photos.

Take a few moments and travel around the world through the lens of these five Unsplash nature photographers.


Ivana Cajina, Nature & Portrait Photographer (Tampa, Florida)

Ivana has a great fear of heights, but you won't notice it in any of her photos, as many are taken from high vantage points. Her love for the outdoors and passion for adventure far outweigh all her fears. She is among the 2017 Unsplash Photographers of the year. For more on her adventures, you can also follow her on Instagram.


Simon migaj, travel Photographer (london)

Simon uses his photography skills to work with different clients that take him around the world. He is also among Unsplash's top photographers, but if you're more interested about the story behind his photos, feel free to check out his blog.


Jeremy Bishop, Surfer & Adventurer (California)

Jeremy found his love for water photography while surfing in Hawaii. He has since discovered that the most beautiful gems are hidden underwater. He's a Los Angeles native but a photographer of the world.


Iswanto Arif, Designer & Photographer (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Iswanto is a web designer from Java. He's surrounded by immense beauty, which he captures through his lens. You'll often see him lost in nature as he tries to capture the world in its most beautiful state.


Ezra Jeffrey, Photographer (Alberta, Canada)

Ezra is an official photographer for various companies in Alberta, but his passion is the great outdoors. When he can't escape the city, he tries to capture it in unique angles instead. You can see more of him on Instagram.

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