Meet Adventure Photographer Kevin Stiles

Recently we invited adventure photographer Kevin Stiles to do an Instagram takeover on the @gridlesslife Instagram account. And we're very happy we did!

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Originally a resident of New Brunswick and now living in Alberta, Kevin wanted to take a trip down memory lane and share some of his favorite experiences and photos from the coast to the mountains. Being from New Brunswick ourselves, we couldn't refuse.

Below are a few of those beautiful photos and comments he shared with us (seen in italics).


Irving Nature Park.

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I have been living in Alberta for the last two years, but I wanted to take a step back and share some of my favourite photos from my home province, New Brunswick

This is my first post of the day, an early morning chickadee feeding at the Irving Nature Park.


Partridge Island.

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"This is a photo of @marinimila repelling down the jagged shoreline of Partridge Island. This was probably my favourite adventure I ever went on in N.B., the fog made for a moody landscape that made my eyes turn to hearts like that emoji. When we got to the beach we thought the island had disappeared because the fog was so thick it was not visible from the mainland.

If you like a creepy island with abandoned catacombs this is the place for you to explore."


Maliseet Trail

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"One of my favourite hikes in N.B. was along the Maliseet Trail, which leads to this beauty of a waterfall. This huge waterfall is called Hays Falls and the trailhead can be found just outside the town of Woodstock. Have any of you explored this area?"


Kananaskis Country

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"This was my last post of this takeover. I decided to share a piece of Kananaskis Country with you all. Kananaskis is a beautiful area just outside Banff and Canmore. There is so much to see. I went from the coast to the mountains, and although I love a good adventure in the mountains, I still love the Maritimes so much."

Our picks

We also wanted to share a few of our favorites photos of his (seen below).

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To see more of Kevin's work, you can follow him on Instagram at @kevinstiles

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